How long is my penis?

Not some self reassuring page, not some medical Mumbo Jumbo but a clear and honest answer, based on data gathered across the world!

Facts about penis size (F.A.P.S.)

Learn real facts about penis size, knowledge is power!

Does Penis size Matters ?

We know that nothing will make you feel better about your penis, since the importance of the penis' length is entwined in the mind of the average male. There's been even reports of people that became impotent after a remark about their penis size! Truth is that in sexual intercourse size doesn't matter that much.

  • A penis with a length of 10cm/4in can fully penetrate a vagina and stimulate an orgasm (wikipedia).
  • A lot of women are more impressed by the thickness of a penis than by his length, this is because women prefer the feeling of being stretched round the entrance of their vaginas.
  • The vast majority of women doesn't like the idea of a very large penis, some of them may even be frightened about a large penis (asia carrera).

Longest ?

Our world record is currently set at:

33cm / 12.87in

Average ?

Our world average is currently set at:

17.05cm / 6.65in

Shortest ?

Our shortest penis is currently set at:

3cm / 1.17in

Let's talk about size ?

First of all.. the average length is about 6 in /15 cm, while almost 90% of mens fall in the 5in - 7in range.

That said, let's look at some intresting facts:

The longest scientifically recorded penis is 33cm/13in,.

We can call it a fact since it was recorded by Robert Latou Dickinson (with proof an scientific method), his claim has been followed by others, some absurd, some believable, but still nobody else gave such a clear and scientifical proof.

The other notable penis has been cited in the "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex" by Dr. David Reuben with a whooping 35.5cm/14in, problem is that no source, photo or even cast has ever been given, making this claim fall in the urban legend category.

The shortest penises are the one the one that are called Micropenises, and measure around 5cm/2in. This is actually a medically condition and can be "healed" with a surgical procedure that can enlarge the penis making it normal sized.